Got Salt?

“Subconsciously, evolution said that it is better to have a share of a rich man, than to have a poor man all to yourself…”

Psychology Teacher

However, cheating is emotionally destroying so if anyone has the balls to cheat then have the balls to take the consequences!

Psychology teacher: If you ever see a child dissecting small animals... beware... they grow up to be psychopaths or potential killers!

Class: *awkward silence*

Student: Cool!

Class: *looks at student*

Class: *backs away slowly*

reading in head: i'm practically a master of linguistics my pronunciations are perfect beyond compare

reading aloud: *chokes on spit*

Everyone knows everything about Tom Hiddleston is amazing, but his 20/20 vision isn’t amazing, yet that doesn’t matter because it only makes him more amazing, because he’s amazing.

Just goes to show that nobody’s perfect (although he really is) and everyone has their faults, but that’s okay :)

(PS: the tongue made a sneaky appearance in Top Gear)

There should be more people like him in the world who are genuine, kind-hearted, polite and gentlemanly because there are some real sick pigs in the world… 

I think everyone squealed a tiny bit when they saw Tom Hiddleston wearing glasses.